Member Services

No Time? No problem! Why Queue?

Introducing our Member Service Centre!

What is a Member Service Centre?

We have a dedicated call-center with a team of highly trained and skilled staff ready to answer your calls, deal with online enquiries, loan enquiries, etc. We aim to provide the best possible service to all our members, which is why we set up a Member Service Centre. Contact our MSC Ph@ 057 862 2594

Our commitment to our members is that your call will be answered promptly and your query will be dealt with immediately, by a professional and experienced staff member. Please call us if there’s anything we can do to help.

What we do:

  • We answer all enquires
  • Issue Online Pins
  • We answer any queries regarding your account
  • No more Transfer Buttons
  • No long On Hold Messages
  • Just personalized Service from a team of Highly Trained Staff

The new service center is designed to streamline the process for the member, making all your calls to your local community credit union hassle-free, efficient and more accessible for you to make the most of your credit union.

Unlike other financial institutions, and keeping with the community first ethos of the Credit Union, when you call the Member Service Centre you won’t spend your time listening to an automated reply or pressing endless numbers while you wait to speak to a person, who will no doubt be located, in a call centre hundreds of miles away.

Call us today on 057 8622594.

Membership has many benefits...

Flexible & Convenient Loans

Members can take out flexible loans after joining, and repay with tailor-made schedules. All our loans are fully insured (for free), against disability or death, (subject to citeria)

Quality Service, No Fees

You can be assured of a professional service from Credit Union at all times. And you do not pay a transaction fee for saving with us, or borrowing money.

Pay by Direct Debit

Arrange a Direct Debit payment from your bank and be sure of regular payments to your Credit Union account.